Angel Eye with Blue Devil Eye (model 1) - Loose lamp

Angel Eye with Blue Devil Eye (model 1) - Loose lamp

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Losse Angeleye Vespa Wit / Blauw 

What you get with this AngelEye package:

1x 2.5" BI-xenon Angel Eye Unit

1x 6000K HID Xenon Lamp

1x CCFL Inverter

1x Large / Small light wiring harness (H4)

1x Slim AC Ballast 12V

1x Xenon Switch



Input: 12V

Angel Eye Color : White

Devil Eye Color : Blue

Color Temperature: 6000K

Fitting on

All Vespa Sprint - Primavera - LX - GTS - GT- Zip - Fly models.
Not for Vespa S, LXV and GTV

Losse Angeleye Vespa Wit / Blauw 

Loose Lamp - Mount in your own headlight unit

The Angeleye will be delivered separately. You can assemble the lamp in your scooter yourself using the supplied mounting video. Please note that you have ordered the necessary Motip heat resistant spray paint for black spraying of your reflector. These can be found under the category 'accessories'.

Features: The unit is equipped with a high quality Xenon lamp with a long service life. With aluminium housing. Improved view of the road and is easy to mount!
3000/3500 Lumen - 300% more light than a normal halogen lamp.

Lifespan: 3000+ hours. Five times longer than normal halogen bulbs.

Safety: The Projector headlight ignores a directional beam towards the road surface. So with the integrated large/small light mechanism you can still use your high beam function. The Xenon lamp itself can be switched on with the included switch. You can mount it in a place of your choice, for example in the leg shield or under the handlebar.

Note: The bulb is not recommended to be fitted with a 'smoked' headlight glass as the Xenon bulb focal length is close to the glass of the headlight unit. The black 'smoke' increases the temperature on the glass allowing the glass to burn in at the point of focus.


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