H1 Xenon Lamp 6000K


H1 Xenon Lamp 6000K

14.95 <small class="woocommerce-price-suffix">incl. btw</small>

Did your lamp break? Then you've found the right product!

This lamp fits in all Bi-Xenon Angeleye units.

Color Temperature: 6000K 

<b class="">Features:</b> 3000/3500 Lumen - 300% meer licht dan een normale halogeen lamp.

<b class="">Levensduur:</b>  3000+ uur. Vijf keer langer dan normale halogeen lampen.

Note: The bulb is not recommended to be fitted with a 'smoked' headlight glass as the Xenon bulb focal length is close to the glass of the headlight unit. The black 'smoke' increases the temperature on the glass allowing the glass to burn in at the point of focus.

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