FAQ: Assembly of the Xenon Angeleye

If you have a carburettor vespa you need to make a direct connection first! Connect the black yellow wire of the voltage regulator (under the horn) to the white wire of the ignition switch. If you do not do this, the lamp can burn out. If you have done this correctly, all lights must go on when turning the ignition switch to the right without starting the scooter. If this is the case, it is safe to mount / use the lamp. 

Where can I find the editing video?

-The link to the assembly video can be found on the manual that you received with your order. Have you lost the manual and would you still like to see the video? Send us a whatsapp or email stating your name and order number and we will send you a reaction with a new link as soon as possible. 

I connected everything according to the mounting video, but my xenon bulb doesn't work. The ring and the devil eye are on. What could be the problem?

  • This can have several causes. The most common error is the incorrect mounting of the supplied rocker switch. There are 3 feet on it; 2 grey and 1 gold. Always use the two silver legs and not the golden one. Because of this, the xenon bulb doesn't work.
  • Another problem may be that the earth does not make good contact on the steering wheel. Try sanding down the metal to which the '-' pole is attached and try again.
  • Didn't the above options help? Please contact us by mail or whatsapp.

I've got an injection scooter. I see that my scooter doesn't have an H4 plug for the headlight, but an H13. How should I mount the bulb?

  • We sell inverters in our webshop that easily makes the right connection to your vespa. Take a look under 'accessories'.
  • You can also connect the cables manually and solder them together. Make sure all wires are well insulated so you don't cause a short circuit in the scooter.

    Color cable connection vespa Color cable connection harness angeleye
    Black Brown
    Purple Blue
    Orange White

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